About Us

TippleART Beginnings


TippleART had its beginnings early in 2016.  Wendy and Linda had been painting together for some time and had started looking for a business idea that would be fun would be fun and that would also use their creative talents.  It was after Linda returned from a trip to Florida in 2015, having attended a ‘paint and sip’ session and seeing the enormous potential, that the idea to do something similar here was formed.

They both felt that the ‘British’ way was for people to be able to produce their own unique artwork in a social setting, but with help available if it was wanted.  They would choose a theme and create resources around it and then everyone would be able to interpret the subject in their own way.

The name was born over a few ‘tipples’ round the kitchen table and the logo fell into place with its glass and paint brush in the three primary colours.

The first TippleART event took place in May 2016 at the Blue Fig Restaurant on the Green in Liss.  The venue was chosen for its ambience and high quality food and this has been a criteria for all subsequent venues.

TippleART Now


TippleART has gone from strength to strength.  Applegarth in Grayshott has become another of our regular venues and we also visit the Charles Street Tap in Petersfield, Caracoli and The Georgian Hotel in Haslemere and The Chocolate Frog at Oakhanger. We have now stepped into the corporate world and can offer companies a social occasion or team-building events. The inclusive nature of TippleART makes it a perfect choice for businesses.  We also do bespoke private parties and charity events.

It has been well reported how therapeutic ‘being creative’ is. It soon became clear that TippleART was more than just a social painting experience.  With all the support provided, it has meant that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy being creative and feel a sense of achievement and pride in their artwork.  We have certainly seen these beneficial effects at our events and we now have many regular ‘tipplers’ coming to relax and destress with us.

We are excited about the future for TippleART and we look forward to sharing it with you.