Events ( A glass of wine or soft drink and light meal included. )

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‘TippleART’ is a fun and relaxed social art experience which anyone can partake in.

‘I’ve always been one of those people without an artistic bone in my body, or so I thought, but that was before I discovered the magic of Tipple Art.  I’m not sure how much is due to the ‘tipple’ and how much to the enthusiasm and encouragement of Linda and Wendy, but I’ve developed enough confidence in the use of paints, brushes and canvas to produce a few paintings that actually have some resemblance to the subject matter.   The Van Gogh evening was my best so far, I wisely ignored my husband’s advice that I should paint an ear and instead chose a landscape which actually seemed to work.  My Tipple Art journey has been a great learning experience so far, with a lot of laughs along the way – thank you Linda, Wendy and fellow tipplers for some happy memories (and 5 paintings!).   ‘ Sue H.